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Why Choose The Lap-Band?

Lap-Band Procedure Overview

Lap-Band Procedure Overview

The Lap-Band is a safe and effective for weight loss. It is a silicone band – like a ring or belt – that is placed around the upper part of your stomach.

It is designed to place a precise level of pressure on the nerves around the upper part of your stomach so they send signals to your brain that you are not hungry. Because the band also constricts the upper portion of your stomach, you will eat less food at one time and still feel satisfied.

The Lap-Band system includes a small access port that is safely placed under your skin. The port is not visible and it is unlikely that anyone will know you have the band, unless you tell them. The band is adjusted by adding or removing saline through this access port with a small needle to ensure it continues providing optimum weight loss results.

Benefits of the Lap-Band Procedure

Same day, outpatient procedure. The Lap-Band procedure is performed using advanced laparoscopic technology. Many patients have the procedure in the morning and are home by the afternoon. Lap-Band patients also have less scarring and quicker recovery times than other weight loss procedures.

It’s adjustable. The ability to adjust the Lap-Band is a great benefit. As you lose weight, saline can be added or removed from the band to ensure your continued weight loss success. The band can also be loosened to accommodate changes during pregnancy and tightened after delivery to help you return to your healthy goal weight.

It’s reversible. Unlike other weight loss procedures, the Lap-Band procedure is reversible. It does not involve removing or stapling parts of the stomach and does not reroute the digestive tract.

Safer bariatric procedure. The Lap-Band procedure is safer than other weight loss procedures. It has a lower incidence of side effects and rarely results in nutritional deficiencies that are more common with gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. Also, the procedure is less invasive and does not remove, reroute or staple significant parts of your stomach or digestive tract as do the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries.

Cost: Special rates available for patients without private health cover or for patients self-funding or who plan to access superannuation funds. The special rate is under $11,500 for lap-band placement as a day procedure in a private hospital. For patients that have private health insurance there is an out of pocket fee of around $4000. Contact CBS for further details.


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