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Solutions to Obesity

The Problem of Obesity

  • Weight loss is the most powerful therapy we have in medicine today.
  • Weight loss achieved through the Lap-BandŽ leads to the resolution of most of the diseases that arise from obesity.
  • Weight loss achieved through the Lap-BandŽ improves quality of life.
  • After substantial weight loss through the Lap-BandŽ there is a marked improvement in length of life.

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The Options for Treatment:

  • We must continue to seek preventive measures but as yet, they are not available.
  • You should establish some general expectations of what should be achieved and what needs to be avoided before looking at the different options.
  • Always begin with the simple and safe before considering the more complex and risky.
  • Non-surgical options are not yet effective enough for treating obesity.
  • The surgical options are all effective but show major variation of risk and change to the anatomy.

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Why the LAP BAND is your best Option:

  • The Lap-Band® works primarily by inducing a sense of satiety
  • The best features of the Lap-Band® are the adjustability, the fact that Lap-Band® placement is a truly minimally invasive procedure and that Lap-Band® placement can be reversed.
  • The Lap-Band® treatment of obesity is a lifetime process, not just a procedure.
  • It is extremely safe but does carry some risks and a significant "maintenance" requirement.
  • The Lap-Band® is the best option for the obese who have not been successful with non-surgical treatments

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