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Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve)

Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve)

Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical weight-loss procedure in which most of the stomach is excised and discarded and the final stomach is about 20% of its original size. Because the stomach has been removed, it is obviously not reversible.

This procedure limits the amount of food you can eat and helps you feel full sooner. It allows for normal digestion and absorption. Food consumed passes through the digestive tract in the usual order, allowing it to be fully absorbed in the body.

The majority of sleeve gastrectomy procedures are performed using a laparoscopic technique, which is considered minimally invasive. This procedure will generally require an inpatient hospital stay of one to two days.

The sleeve procedure generates good weight loss during the first year after the procedure. Generally there is no more weight loss after that and there could be some weight gain in due course as the procedure is not adjustable like the lap-band and the tube of stomach is likely to stretch over time. Also the risks of the surgery are higher than for the lap- band. However, the aftercare process is probably not as important as it is after the band and therefore it can be an attractive option if you are not able to get back to one of our clinics or GPs on a regular basis.

COSTS: Gastric sleeve surgery is available to patients that have private health insurance. If you do not have private health insurance in some cases you can self fund your sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Contact CBS to find out more details.

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